About us

About us
ALL DAY ACTIVE. Active and fashionable all the time, throughout the whole day! On your way to work, during meetings with friends, when rollerblading, longboarding or cycling in the park - this is OUTHORN's concept. OUTHORN is perfect for everyone who looks for clothing that is stylish, functional, comfortable and fits every body shape. 

OUTHORN is an answer to the needs of those who want to stand out from the crowd and feel unique.  It encourages activity and invites to the athleisure. By combining fashion and sport it creates a wide range of products such as: jackets, softshell jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, pants and accessories, i.a. sachets, wash bags, water bottles, yoga mats, backpacks or training duffel bags. Fashionable and practical clothing, providing freedom of movement, visually improving body shape in athleisure style. The style refers to sports and leisure, which explains its entire concept. Athleisure's essence is the ability to combine things that seemingly do not match each other -  clothing designed for training and sports activities being worn in places such as work, school or during social gatherings. Sportswear and fitness clothing enter everyday and casual style. If you confidently wear athletic pants or sneakers with a coat that means you have the athleisure style.

Outhorn's message is "mix and match". The brand combines interesting forms, textures, and its stylizations are easy-to-create. Outhorn follows the changing world and fashion, also on brand personality level.  That is why ULTRA VIOLET, the color of the year 2018 according to Pantone, became the brand's leading color for this year!

OUTHORN never says "stop". It constantly evolves ... and changes.
Welcome to the world of OUTHORN!

OUTHORN belongs to OTCF SA.

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